Contribution: Beltway Prophecy Irregular Font

Yes! The FONT featured within this site is the open-source handiwork of one Trish Harvey...THANK YOU for such great creativity and what a fluke that your font ended up on such a project as this! See how things kinda "collapse into place?"

And... over to Trish's story...

Beltway Prophecy: How it happened

As I accelerated my car down the Gallows Road ramp into the speeding traffic of the Washington D.C. beltway early one afternoon in the last months of 1999, a small white sign written in strange bold letters stared at me from the side of the road.


the sign said.

I had a strong urge to stop right there in the middle of 70 M.P.H. traffic and take a picture. The sign whizzed by and I ruminated on the life expectancy of illegally posted Interstate signage. Would it be there tomorrow? Next week, when I might be by this way again?

I passed the next exit and the next. Just as the impulse to get off the beltway and go back was fading from my mind, another white sign appeared:


I swerved to the side of the road. It was a series! I ran to take the picture. I was returning to my car when a State patrol car pulled up. The trooper warned me I shouldn't have stopped unless there was an emergency. I only considered obedience for a moment. I smiled. I was on a mission now. I had to go back.

I navigated the infamous I-95 "mixing bowl" twice to turn around. Somehow I took all the right exits and finally stopped at the bottom of the Gallows Road exit, where the first sign still waited. The result is our first font,