In March 2014 I left my band "Chased Crime" after 12 years and was looking for a new musical inspiration. In July 2014 I joined ccMixter to collaborate with other musicians around the globe and discovered Bill's drum recordings.

Despite the fact that he doesn't record his drums to a clicktrack, which makes it very hard to build songs around them, I liked the variety of different genres he is capable to play and especially his groove.

He commented the first remix I created with his drums in december 2014 and sent me links to some of his videos on YouTube. Since then we created more than 30 songs together, most of them published as remixes on ccM, some as splitscreen-videos on YouTube. because why would a Grammy award winning drummer consider to create an album with an unknown middle-class guitarist like me?

About two years ago Bill mentioned that we actually had enough songs together for an album. At first I didn't take it seriously, After a few weeks thinking about it I asked him, if he was really interested in doing this. He was, so he sent me some more drum recordings and I built some new songs around them to also have some songs on the album that have not already been published...

“I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play music with such an amazing and talented drummer. This challenge of experiencing different styles and genres has expanded my musical horizon more than anything before.”

A short bio:

  • Started to play guitar in 1989 at the age of nine.
  • Played in scool band 'Incognito' from 1994-1998 incl. 8 live concerts
  • Guitarist of progressive rock band 'Caravanserai' 1998-2001 incl. 6 live concerts and recording of one demo-cd; winner of Concordia band-competitive in 2000.
  • Guitarist on album 'Falling Angel' by René Finn published 1999.
  • Guitarist of 'Arminius Ki & Band' 1999-2002 incl. 5 live concerts and recording of one demo-cd.
  • Guitarist of jazz/blues band 'Jamila & Friends' 2005-2006 incl. 2 live concerts and recording of one demo-cd.
  • Sound- and light-engeneer in theatre stage play 'Katzen haben sieben Leben' ('Cats have seven lives') performed by theater group 'Spieltrieb' 2006.
  • Guitarist of progressive metal band 'Chased Crime' 2001-2014 incl. 25 live concerts and recordings of 3 albums 'Giving Names To Broken Things' released 2004, 'Disarticulated' released 2009 and '25' released 2014.
  • Remixer on ccM since july 2014.