Contribution: Cold Fusion

Siobhan Dakay is the pseudonym of Heiko Specht, a producer/musician located in Munich, Germany. His alias denotes the musical mood he creates. Siobhan stands for graceful and Dakay represents the melancholic and dark aspects of his compositions.

Influenced by mainly British bands (or Montreal bands sounding very British) and singer-songwriters (those who are/were more on the jazzy side), Siobhan Dakay’s style is located somewhere between melancholic singer-songwriter jazz and easy listening.

Siobhan Dakay frequently collaborates with Moira Waugh and uses her melodies, lyrics, and vocal performance as the starting point to conceive the backing tracks for the songs.

"The dark and dreamy melancholic pop jazz orchestrated by Siobhan Dakay reeled us into his passionate musical world. His talent and distinctive style is an exciting addition to Thinkroot Records' artist team. We are ecstatic that Siobhan chose Thinkroot Records to share his expressive sound."

Kara Square, Founder/Artist of Thinkroot Records