What's In A Name?

When Tobias had completed the amazing amount of work that he dedicated himself to with this project, he asked me if I would be the one to come up with a name. "Sure!" I said, knowing that this was going to become probably a big issue in my head, because "naming conventions" are really not my strong suit. And feeling somewhat shiftless in the whole process (all I did was play some drums!) my duties were taken rather seriously!

So here's what I came up with... the title "Codex Tempore" is an amalgamation of two words. "Codex" and "Ex Tempore".

I am very much into "books of unknown origins" and one such book is titled "Codex Seraphinianus". The word "Codex" sounded kinda cool to me, and in Latin it translates to "Ledger", "Manuscript", "Casebook", among others. OK, half the battle is won!

Another word I love is "Extemporaneous" which comes from "Ex Tempore". I can be a highly extemporaneous person! Random, eclectic, "In the moment" if you will. So I thought "Codex Extempore"... "ex Ex..." ...We don't really need but one "ex" in our world, right? BAM

Literally translated from Latin, it means "Manuscript of spur of the moment", but I prefer to interpret it as "Book of Time". And that's the story of how I named it. :D

In March 2014 I left my band "Chased Crime" after 12 years and was looking for a new musical inspiration. In July 2014 I joined ccMixter to collaborate with other musicians around the globe and discovered Bill's drum recordings.

Despite the fact that he doesn't record his drums to a clicktrack, which makes it very hard to build songs around them, I liked the variety of different genres he is capable to play and especially his groove.

He commented the first remix I created with his drums in december 2014 and sent me links to some of his videos on YouTube. Since then we created more than 30 songs together, most of them published as remixes on ccM, some as splitscreen-videos on YouTube. because why would a Grammy award winning drummer consider to create an album with an unknown middle-class guitarist like me?


In 2006, Bill Ray was working on another artist's album; during set up / sound check, the engineer captured some of Bill's playing. "I played a song in my head and gave it some interesting dynamics and rhythmic breaks. I wanted to "digitize" my drumming somehow and make contributions to the internet." Eventually the internet "gave back" by way of two notable pieces of work by Bill's friends Neil MacPherson who created "The Journeymen" and Bill Cornish, half of "The Odd Get Even".

Bill has been a member of ccMixter for many years now, and his drum tracks have appeared on hundreds of remixes and original tunes.

Kara Square
Contribution: Hanging Eleven

Kara Square is a ukulele slinging, songwriting, and singing music maker. She released a solo folk pop album, Love Songs for Everyone but Especially Uke, in March of 2013 and an instrumental album called Ukulele Duels in 2015. Kara is constantly releasing new music with Creative Commons licenses on ccMixter.org and actively creates custom music for Thinkroot Records' clients. 

Contribution: Blessed Are The Greedy, The Human Race

I’m Madam Snowflake and love sharing my vocals here at ccMixter. I’ve uploaded over 125 original vocal tracks — that you’ve amazingly remixed over 2k times!

Want to help make it possible for me to keep sharing original songs and lossless vocals stems? Become a monthly contributor to ccMixter at Patreon.

Contribution: Cold Fusion

Siobhan Dakay is the pseudonym of Heiko Specht, a producer/musician located in Munich, Germany. His alias denotes the musical mood he creates. Siobhan stands for graceful and Dakay represents the melancholic and dark aspects of his compositions.

Influenced by mainly British bands (or Montreal bands sounding very British) and singer-songwriters (those who are/were more on the jazzy side), Siobhan Dakay’s style is located somewhere between melancholic singer-songwriter jazz and easy listening.

Contribution: You're The Change, Free Music & Free Beer

Vocalist, guitarist, bassist, keyboard player, mandolinist. I’m a bit of a jack of all trades I guess. :)

Contribution: Growing

Mykle has built up an impressive career as an artist and producer.

Credits with Charm include Radio City Music Hall and Atlantic City Casino Performances working with artists such as: Frankie Lymons Teenagers Little Anthony The Drifters Earl Lewis and the Channels, Neil Sedaka and Featured vocalist on Billy Joel's (Innocent Man Album)

Contribution: Beltway Prophecy Irregular Font

Yes! The FONT featured within this site is the open-source handiwork of one Trish Harvey...THANK YOU for such great creativity and what a fluke that your font ended up on such a project as this! See how things kinda "collapse into place?"

And... over to Trish's story...

Beltway Prophecy: How it happened

As I accelerated my car down the Gallows Road ramp into the speeding traffic of the Washington D.C. beltway early one afternoon in the last months of 1999, a small white sign written in strange bold letters stared at me from the side of the road.


the sign said.