Codex Tempore Is Why Creative Commons Music Rocks

In collaboration with ccMixter, Tobias Weber and Bill Ray release an organic groove-based remix album that exemplifies the growth of CC music culture.

Los Angeles, CA. Feb 10th, 2017 When was the last time you jammed with a Grammy award winning dummer? When was the last time you received a fully mixed track of your music, your drum solos, your vocals, without having to hire a producer or pay for a mastering session? Never? If you’re a ccMixter Remix Artist, this type of free form, open culture sharing happens everyday. Codex Tempore, the debut release from artists Tobias Weber and Bill Ray, takes this sharing culture to the next level, setting the standard for remix genres that range from progressive jazz to gritty blues funk. If you thought free music was for amateurs, think again. Tobias and Bill are in the house.