Codex Tempore Is Why Creative Commons Music Rocks

In collaboration with ccMixter, Tobias Weber and Bill Ray release an organic groove-based remix album that exemplifies the growth of CC music culture.

Los Angeles, CA. Feb 10th, 2017 When was the last time you jammed with a Grammy award winning dummer? When was the last time you received a fully mixed track of your music, your drum solos, your vocals, without having to hire a producer or pay for a mastering session? Never? If you’re a ccMixter Remix Artist, this type of free form, open culture sharing happens everyday. Codex Tempore, the debut release from artists Tobias Weber and Bill Ray, takes this sharing culture to the next level, setting the standard for remix genres that range from progressive jazz to gritty blues funk. If you thought free music was for amateurs, think again. Tobias and Bill are in the house.

“Free music, Free Beer,” the eighth track on this 14 song collection, sounds like it came out of a bar in the French Quarter and rips on the riffs that brought free thinking musicians to ccMixter. Free culture is not exactly the same as free beer, but together, it makes for one hell of a blues song. “Hanging Eleven,” featuring Kara Square on vocals, is a stoney surf rock classic. She joins other notable remixers who are featured on Codex Tempore, including Admiral Bob, Madame Snowflake, Mykle Anthony, and Mr. Yesterday. The album wraps up with the exciting funky number ‘Two Minute Warning” and begins the journey that even the most discerning ear will find pleasing and filled with taste and execution.

One of the main ingredients in the mix is the stellar drumming. Bill Ray is a Grammy award winning percussionist who has dedicated his life to playing and teaching drums. The way Tobias Weber frames his scores around Bill’s drums is amazingly fresh and natural. “I love the balance and feel that Tobias gives to each composition,” says Bill, “He makes smart musical choices. Hopefully someday we can actually perform together live!”

Tobias told ccMixter, “I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play music with such an amazing and talented drummer. This challenge of experiencing different styles and genres has expanded my musical horizon more than anything before.”

Talent recognizes talent and that's what you hear when you turn up Codex Tempore. The album is amazing because it’s real and it pushes forward the art of collaboration. Codex Tempore is available as a high quality digital release at Bandcamp and Jamendo.

Tobias Weber- A short bio:

  • Started to play guitar in 1989 at the age of nine.
  • Played in scool band 'Incognito' from 1994-1998 incl. 8 live concerts
  • Guitarist of progressive rock band 'Caravanserai' 1998-2001 incl. 6 live concerts and recording of one demo-cd; winner of Concordia band-competitive in 2000.
  • Guitarist on album 'Falling Angel' by René Finn published 1999.
  • Guitarist of 'Arminius Ki & Band' 1999-2002 incl. 5 live concerts and recording of one demo-cd.
  • Guitarist of jazz/blues band 'Jamila & Friends' 2005-2006 incl. 2 live concerts and recording of one demo-cd.
  • Sound- and light-engeneer in theatre stage play 'Katzen haben sieben Leben' ('Cats have seven lives') performed by theater group 'Spieltrieb' 2006.
  • Guitarist of progressive metal band 'Chased Crime' 2001-2014 incl. 25 live concerts and recordings of 3 albums 'Giving Names To Broken Things' released 2004, 'Disarticulated' released 2009 and '25' released 2014.
  • Remixer on ccM since july 2014.

Questions and Answers for ccMixter with Bill Ray

How did you (and Tobias) meet?

We have never met. I did not know of Tobias until he sent me a video of a tune he had written around one of my drum videos on around January of 2014. It was a great "calling card!"

How did you decide to collaborate on an album together?

We didn't decide. Tobias just did it and sent me a copy. So the way I compose things is to sit down and begin to play and whatever falls out of my head and share it on the internet. Tobias is the one who really did all the work!

What are your musical inspirations?

I like 1970's Jazz Fusion, Motown, Soul, Blues, etc. But I also like to translate visual art styles into "rhythmic shapes", and as a result I "hear with my eyes" quite a bit. I love M.C. Escher, Dali and Picasso as well as Cubism and Surrealism because they correlate well to the drumset. Rhythm is merely "points on a line". I can read the black dots and lines on a piece of music, or look at a cool painting and offer a translation.

What do you appreciate about each other's musical abilities?

I love the balance and feel that Tobias gives to each composition. He makes "smart musical choices". Hopefully someday we can actually perform together!

What is your favorite track on the album?

I think for me it's "The Freakout Experiment" because it's got a nice contrast of "prettiness" and "grit". Rhythmically, Tobias phrased his parts around things I played to generate syncopated flows that I would not have thought of.