In the world today (especially in the USA) there's so many ways to connect with people. I love meeting people so much that I began spending quite a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and browsing news stories and whatnot. As stories piqued my interest, I began finding myself falling down "the rabbit hole of outrage" every morning" and would waste considerable time bandying about arguments with people bots who are designed to keep one in a current froth and foaming at the mouth for a part of their day.

And recently I've managed to "catch myself before I fall" through said rabbit hole and into an afternoon of checking that thread to see what other conjecture occurred in my absence, and so have begin to limit my Social Media interaction to specific points in the day spread out among several networks, in an attempt to gain focus on when/how I interact in life both on and off the idiot screen.

Creatives Will Rule The Planet (...Eventually)

An observation: #GooglePlus is kinda like the place where it's nothing but "drum cover" aficionados and the creators of such. For the non-drummers and rhythmically-challenged, a "drum cover" is where a drummer plays along to a version of the song that has had the drums removed for just such a purpose. "Drum covers" tend to be somewhat self-aggrandizing and are a way for young drummers to interact, "rank on" one another and grow in certain directions (mostly vertical, and in one tiny spot on the "rhythmic map"). I have no gripe with how kids are learning, MORE kids should be learning!

However, "coloring by numbers" has become somewhat of a stopping point for many on this road of exercising one's muse and even fewer have actually made a career out of performing these predetermined pattern-based pieces of OPA (Other Peoples' Art). And I believe that ever so slowly, creativity is being "out-bred" from our genetics.

Seek and Ye Shall Find

The oft-chanted phrase by mostly older folks "today's music sucks!"... No it doesn't. If you ever catch yourself saying this, then maybe you're listening to the wrong music. There's now SO MUCH MUSIC OUT THERE that if you take the time to veer away from what "big media" shoves down your throat then maybe it'll be YOU who discovers the next big "supergroup". And there's an excitement that so many younger folks in latter-day have never experienced; seeing your "favorite unknown group" become superstars and the long slog that gets them there. You feel as if *YOU* were a small part in the success of something and there's no other reward like that. And there's no way to pre-package it and make it an "instant gratification element".

Support The Cause

Find a group you really love and support them by purchasing their albums. In this day & age certain things still carry more weight than "best wishes and virtual high-5's!" such as seeing one's creative ideas that somehow get magically converted into a fraction of the rent money! It doesn't matter that you spent $5 or $50, what matters is that you cared enough to take the time to do so.

And if you're an artist or musician, always keep a high standard for yourself. Don't take yourself too seriously, but take what you DO as serious as if you were about to go on stage and realized that if you don't go poo now... well you don't wanna walk "The Brown Mile"...

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